Never Settle... Shop The Best, Be The Best

Shop unique, durable, high quality, squat-proof leggings created with the purpose of being the absolute best without killing your wallet.

Shop today and experience the difference and see what the buzz is all about. 

Never Settle...
Shop The Best, Be The Best

Shop unique, durable, high quality, squat-proof leggings created with the purpose
of being the absolute best without killing your wallet.

Shop today and experience the difference and
see what the buzz is all about.
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“I always get compliments at the gym from other females. It’s very flattering because it’s always in these leggings. I love material. They are my favorite !!”
- Jessica M.

“Heart booty leggings are my go to for every day things like walking the dogs. But these double as great workout leggings too! I love the black camo design as well. The fit is great and the leggings are soft and flattering.”
- Caitlyn S.

"This pair has exceeded my expectations by far! Every time a new style comes out, I purchase one and this pair is by far my favorite from the way they feel to the design is amazing!"
- Michelle M.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What size leggings am I?

Following the chart below should be perfect but here are some examples sizes from our office!

Person 1: 5'3 130 lbs fits an 2/xxs

Person 2: 5'1 130 lbs fits an 4/xs

Person 3: 5'6 140 lbs fits an 4/xs

Person 4: 5'4 160 lbs fits an 8/m

What size top am I?

What are the different fabrics for?

We have 3 main fabrics we created for specific purposes:

Effortless: A Polyester/Spandex blend best for lounging and running errands but designed for a lightweight, buttery soft feel so you could do just about anything and be comfortable

Intensity: A Polyester/Spandex blend best for high intensity workouts, these have the best sweat wicking and offer the most stretch of the 3.

Resilient: A Nylon/Spandex blend designed to be our thickest, most durable fabric for any adventure you go on. With the most compression, these are best for those heavy lifts and stand up extremely well to barbells.

What are the different styles for?

We have 4 main fabrics we created for specific purposes:

Vortex: One of our newest and most popular style Vortex offers a v-cut waistband to really give you that snatched look and great taper in the waist, plus designed with minimal seams to keep a clean, classic style. Choose between the standard Vortex Classic version or Vortex Pocket version. Cute for any and every occasion.

Classic: One of our first styles, a minimal seam design gives these a timeless look, amazing for anything from lounging around, running errands, or crushing your workouts.

Scrunch: Very similar to the Classic style, but with a modern twist. A very, very subtle scrunch to accentuate the glutes and give you some extra shape and improve what you already have.

Heart Booty: Great for the on-the-go woman. Featuring pockets big enough for an iPhone 12 Pro Max, plus accentuating seams for a naturally lifted look. Accomplish all the tasks on your to-do list with this perfect anytime, anywhere legging style.

Why are they so expensive?

The interesting thing is we get this often. But as soon as people try us, the next word we hear is "VALUE". You're looking at the price, but the value is a huge factor here; what are you getting for the money?


A lot of brands overcharge for the same old leggings everyone uses but we've put a lot of time, energy, and money into constantly improving and perfecting our leggings over the past several years to make sure we have the best product out there for the best value possible.

What makes your clothes so different?

Perfect transition into the section below. In short, a lot. Quality, quick shipping, customer service, and core values are the main ones we hear from our customers.

We hire based on character here and as a company not only care about trying to spread some of our work ethic and positivity in the world, but also care about PEOPLE over crazy profit...

So we have the exact same quality as those $120+ leggings, just charge less, because everyone deserves quality and consistency without having to break the bank on a single pair of leggings... Read more about our story below.

Our Story

A transparent, family-owned fitness apparel brand owned by the Nabavi family started in 2013, with the goal of reliably delivering the highest quality leggings, shorts, & tops for the absolute best value in the industry all while empowering and motivating our customers to live their best life.


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